At this years Copenhagen Jazz Festival, a new jazz club has been opened. ‘Bartof Station’ at Frederiksberg.
It has dedicated this year’s jazz festival to celebrate the great jazz gypsy jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt. The place functions as a venue and an exhibition. So besides great Django-music, you can also experience  photos of Django Reinhardt, old jazz guitars amplifiers a.m.

 Line-up: Katja Prudinsky, Caleb Fawcett, Jesper Riis, Bjørn Fred Jensen and guest star Finn Poulsen. 

Photo by Christian Henriksen.

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I had the pleasure of playing the background music for two Kayak movies by adventurer and film maker, Thor F. Jensen. Great and entertaining adventure movies, with lot of beautiful pictures, great story line and lot’s of action!


From Copenhagen to Hven:

(Tunes: All the things you are, La Mer)

Salty Sideburns. From Copenhagen to Bornholm:

(Tunes: C’est si bon, Intime)

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How does Michel Foucault use the notion of ‘event’ and what impact does it have on our way of understanding history? 

This article take it’s point of departure in Alain Badiou’s speech “Panorama de la philosophie francaise contemporaine” and crosses E.H. Carr, Dag Heede, Sverre Raffensøe, Gillez Deleuze and of course Michel Foucault and his work “L’archéologie du Savoir”.


Link to pdf-file of the full article (in danish):

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What is the self? This is a big question and perhaps one of the most intriguing and enigmatic questions within philosophy. There are many related problems to this question, and there has been many accounts on the self throughout the history of philosophy.

I will in this paper investigate the narrative account of the self. I will start this paper with a short description of narrativity. Since narrativity is a hermeneutic approach to understand the self, I will then investigate the hermeneutics of Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), and how it is derived from phenomenology. I will then look at the accounts of narrativity as described by Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005) and Kim Atkins. I will then turn to Hans-Georg Gadamer and his theories of the artwork and the aesthetic experience. I will then look at these theories in relation to narrativity. This will unfold in the discussion section, where I will argue for the possibility of “The constitution of the self through art”, which is my main philosophical problem in this paper.

Link to pdf-file of the full article:

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